(« REGGAE TRIBUTE »):(« September 11th -1987-September 11th 2019), »PETER TOSH » « SHOT DEAD »)!


-(« NOTES FROM the Chief Editor and Managing Director »)-(« Yves T Bouazo »)-(« IMAGE »: »PETER TOSH »)

-Destiny is Destiny, and Spirit is Spirit,someone said in his own creation:The great (PETER TOSH), ex member of the original (WAILERS Band),was shot dead by coward bullets in (Kingdton-Jamaica) on the (11th of September-1987),because of cash money,the roots of all evils in this world of competition and capitalism.He was a real reggae revolutionary labeled as the (« Malcom x ») of jamaican reggae music!In consequence,we can’t help paying a tribute to that reggae legend who busted up the international reggae entertainment field in the (80s):

-(« Let’s remind us through some of his committed lyrics »):

In the lyrics(« not gonna give it up »), he made it clear in his own words:(« I’m not gonna give it up, i’m going, i will be fighting til (Africa and Africans ») are free.In the same trend, he added in another lyrics (« African »), he warned in an african spirit, when aluding to the african identity:(« Don’t care, where you come from, as long as you’re a black man, you’re an african, no mind your nationality, you have got the identity of an african!

-Definitely, this is his anthem for the motherland (Africa):(« Mama Africa, how are doing?Long time,me no see you (Mama), they took me away from you (Mama), long before i came on in… in you, there is so much beauty, in you there is so much life, in you there is so much kingdoms.To me it’s out of sight!You’re the maker of (Gold)(Mama),you’re the maker of (Diamonds), you’re the maker of precious pearls.

-Words can’t express it, because his songs were conscious and committed , but death met him on the way in (Kingston-Jamaica) on the (11th of September 1987):Down the line, they have gone, won’t be forgotten!