-(« Notes from the Chief Editor and managing Director »-« YVES T BOUAZO ».

-(« Reminder of the facts »):As far as the black history is concerned, the african captives taken away from their motherland, who did not reach USA, were being deported in south America, namely in BRAZIL and many more.

-That’s why the black community in Brazil still remains the largest african descendants of slaves outside Africa!But today the controversy goes on with the resurgence of racism in Brazil:A black man shot dead in a big shop in Brazil recently by police forces!For many, the cup of racism and police brutality seem to be full and we have to defend ourselves by any means available, around the world!In consequence, « black lives still mater around the world »!

-In the same trend, let’s listen between the lines to the conscious lyrics of « Bunny wailer » , former member of the « wailing wailers » titled: (« rise and and shine ») in his own creation:( » This is the cry of a people who were robbed and raped from their homeland and their loved ones, a people stripped of their culture, their dignity, their liberty and their rights and by the cruel and presumptuos hands of colonial and imperialistic slavers, were cargoed into the west, where for over(400) years, they have toiled and laboured and with their blood, their sweat, their tears and hands, they have built the great city of « Babylon »(first world), only to be paid with the wages of the taskmasters’s whip:Torture and death!

-« Oh yeah, this is my history »!

-Down the line, we come to the conclusion that it’s a sense of black history definitely!