(OCTOBER-18-2007-OCTOBER-18-2018)-(Tribute to « Lucky Dube »)(Pan african reggae music maker!


-We celebrate since (October -18) the  death’s anniversary of (« Lucky Dube), south african and pan african Reggae music maker assassinated in a suburb of Johannesburg (capital city ) of « South Africa » on the (18th of October-2007), unfortunately his daughter(Nkulee Dube) was there at that time and was the eye witness of that shameful coward crime!Down the line, investigations pointed out the fact that the criminals were went:So was the case of the late (Peter Tosh) in (1984) in (Kingston)(Jamaica)!In consequence, history will recall the fact that (Nkulee Dube),(the daughter of the late (Lucky Dube) and (Andrew Tosh)(the son of the late Peter Tosh) are perpetuating the legacy of those great reggae music makers musically nowadays!Definitely, they have gone, won’t be forgotten!(From the Staff)(« Image »: »Lucky Dube »)