-(« From the Independent-UK and with the X Collaboration of (Janet Brown) »:(« Miss Universe Great Britain »(2018) has recently pointed out the Popular Saying that:(« Black is beautiful »), as far as the report of the(Independent newspaper in UK) is concerned.That British newspaper made it clear in its own words:(« Beauty standards are changing and it is an exciting time for all women of all backgrounds ». »Miss Universe great Britain has crowned its « First black Winner » since the Pageant began in (1992).(« Dee-Ann Rogers ») made history when she received the accolade on (Saturday);She will go on to represent the (UK) at the « international Miss Universe Competition », once -owned by (Donald Trump), which will take place in (December) in the (Phillipines).The(25) year- old hails from(Anguilla), a British territory in the « Caribbean », and completed against (40) women from(England),(Scotland),(Wales),(Northern Ireland) and British overseas territories to win the (« Prestigious Title »).The adrenaline from winning hasn’t died down yet,(Rogers) tells the « Independent ».On being the (« First Black Woman ») to win the Pageant, she added that it » hasn’t properly hit » » her yet and he suspects it won’t until she returns home to (« Anguilla »):(« I am extremely Proud of myself for this achievement, she continues « especially in this Post-Brexit and windsrush Period »)…(« Down the line, when we take the opportunity to read between the lines, the time is now for the official recognition of Black Beauty worldwide » , in consequence, we whish her all the best »).(« The Intro and Conclusion » are from our Staff)(Media Miror)(« Image »: »Miss Universe Great Britain 2018″)