(« Media-UK »):(« First Black Owned TV Production Recently Launched in (Bristol) (UK)!

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-(« In collaboration with DR Ava Brown in UK)-(« The intro and conclusion » are from our Staff (Medias Miroir)

-The city of (Bristol) is located in the south -west of (England) and has just launched the first black owned Tv Production:In consequence,(Bristol) has welcomed its first Black Tv Production company to the city.Black wave spearheaded by (« Michael Jenkins and Dr Mena Fombo »), says it will be the first of it’s kind amongst (140) Tv Production companies.The company’s mission is to create content from a fresh perspective, giving a voice to those who are underrepresented on our screens, and telling stories which reflect and resonate with today’s Tv audiences.
-(« Dr Mena Fombo ») is a highly regarded equality and founding Black Girl convention, described as a movement to ensure all women of african and caribbean and owning the Black Girl experience:(« A self-made peculiar Black experience in (UK)indeed in communication terms, in other words, be yourself , no one else and express yourself to some extent »)!