-Queen (Shelda Smith) just  took an opportunity to talk to our Staff in (Paris), and   to focus in the this process on her « New York city »-(NYC) weekly Show (« Simba NYC Tv show »)-These are the (« Talking Points ) of (Shelda Smith), potential readers across the world!(1)(MM2):(« Can you give us some insightful informations about your weekly Tv show in « New York city »?(SS):(« Simba NYC show is a one hour weekly cable Tv show based out of (« Brooklyn- NYC »).The Show airs every Saturday (1.30-2:30 Est) on « cable Tv » with episodes archived on (You Tube).(« Simba NYC ») deals with everything under the sun but the arts is our Focus.The Show is comprised of artist Interviews, book talk ,health corner and melodroma skit (Gestr8).This skit is about the challenges of a young man trying to get a green card in (USA).I play all of the female characters in the skit.(« MM2):(« It seems that you have many hats! »)(SS):(« Of course, along with hosting, and acting i also manage music artist(Mr Lee G).He is « Brooklyn » based Soul reggae artist.You can check him out at (www.mrleeg.com).I am also the secretary of « non profit organisation », namely (« A time  to GIVE TO Africa »).It was founded in (2012) by (Mr Lee G)(Leroy Griffith Jr).He went to « Africa » to perform, and recognized the need, he returned to (USA) and formed charity.As a result, the charity is based in (Brooklyn)(New York) (« A TIME TO GIVE TO AFRICA) donating gently worn clothing, footwear, and soccer equipment to (Africa).(Check out Website(www.ttgbta).In the same trend, (Mr LEE G) went to (AFRICA) and was personally ınvolved ın every campaıgn.(MM2):(« DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL CONNECTION WITH AFRICA)?(SS):(« I have never been to AFRICA, but expect to vısıt on our up campaıgn.My artıst Performed ın (MALI)(WEST AFRICA)at (DESERT FESTIVAL) recognızıng need and returned to us(in Usa)and charity was formed:Definitely, it’s simple!Moreover, whether it is acting, hosting, charity work, artist management, my goal is simply to make a difference in the lives of others.(Please check out « Mr Lee G-Simba NYC », a « Time to give  to the Motherland (Africa)-Subscribe-Please!(« Interview achieved by (« Yves T Bouazo »)-(« Chief Editor and Managing Director »)-(« Media Mirror »(MM)(Paris)(France)(« Image »: »Shelda Smith »)