(« International Warning »):(« The Whole of « Africa » Rejects (« Covid-19 ») « Vaccin Test »)!

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-(« Notes from the Chief Editor »)-(« Yves T Bouazo »)

-(..)-The whole of (Africa) Rejects today the Murderer (« Covid-19 ») « Vaccin »), because the (Africans) have seen the light in the (21st) century, being too long in the darkness!Who are you? (« Blood sucker and vampire murderer system »)?We know now who you are because the table turns and we (Africans) have to live properly and decide our own destiny nowadays!

-(« Africa »), the root of creation, the mother of civilization, cradle of mankind, because mankind was born in (Africa), namely a continent where the human life started long long time ago!

-(« Africa ») is the first and the home of a brillant civilization in black (Egypt) so far, the garden of (Eden) and your rivers run deep, your gold , diamonds, cobalt, copper , coltan, iron, bauxit, coffee, cacao and many more are so rich; you are the land of prouud people so terrible, the glory of our history from the beginnings. you are the land of great warriors, people so black, proud, mighty.Never give up nor surrender!Stay strong and safe in time like this, namely during the (« coronavirus pandemic ») , because we shall ovecome, by any means avaiable and we are confident in the victory.

-(« In consequence, the whole of (Africa) rejects (Covid-19) vaccin!’s test today, because we are not western’s pigs at all!Furthermore, what do they take us for?Test your (« Covid-19 ») vaccin in your own people, cats and mice!In the same trend, (Africa) is on holiday now and is not infected like (USA,Italy, Spain,France).We really know that the main aim which stirs you to action is to spread out the (« Covid-19 ») virus in the whole of (Africa) as you dit it for (« hiv-virus »)!

-Hopefully, we are united in time like this(difficult times indeed), furthermore united we are stronger!Are we not human beings?
-However, we have a first hand news related to (« Congo-DRC ») in central africa prepared to take part(off) in (« Covid-19 ») vaccin testing:Shame on those pupet and lost african leaders in an international blood sucker and vampire remote control system!

-(« Wake up Africa » and « stand up », the time is now becauwse the table turns… today and we have to show them the fact that we are still alive after (400 hard slavery days) backed by almost one century of settlement period)…