(International Spirituality):(« Is Jesus-christ » Black or White »)?(Relentless Question to answer)!


-(« Is Jesus-christ Black or White)?(Relentless question to comment on and answer)!(« God is one but the controversy goes on today when some critics keep on denying the color of « Jesus » skin:Furthermore, it’s strange to  feel that (« Jesus-christ ») is white when some credible evidences are ostentatious nowadays:(« Reminder of facts »):(In 1990), (catholic « Pope Jhon Peter the second ») travelled to central Africa, namely in (Cameroon) where he questionned  natives about the origin of (« Jesus-christ ») in his own words and his sayings have been highlighted by the Pan african Magazine(« Jeune Afrique economie ») in(1990):(« You africans, as far as your customs are concerned, when you’re in danger, what do you do in the case, just to find a safe shelter?In the same trend, what (« Mary » and young « Jesus » did when their lives were at stake, according to the bible?Definitely, they moved to (« Black Egypt »)!(University of « Cambridge » has just confirmed the fact (« Egypt ») was black (2000 years ago) when in the same trend, pan africanist scientist (Cheick Anta Diop) from (Senegal) made it clear already  in the (1970s) that Egypt was entirely black (2000 years ago), because he had been on research !In consequence, we are right to feel that (« Jesus-christ ») should be (« Black), because  the color of his skin has been deeply falsified by a huge international spiritual propaganda machine!Nowadays, do (« Egypt and Ethiopia ») still matter in the holy scriptures of the Bible to some extent? Definitely, it’s hard to believe in a white (God) today, some objective spiritual observers and analysts keep on arguing…In (1962-1963), Former catholic american President (Jhon F Kennedy)  immortalized these words in his own creation:(« But suppose (God) is Black?What if we go to heaven and we (whites), all our lives have treated the (« Negro ») as an inferior, and (God) is there, and we look up and he is not white?What then is our response?(« Down the line, we’ve been created in the image of (God) aluding to the human race and mankind, in consequence we’ve to humble ourselves and love each others, because no one is superior or inferior either.-(God) is one!(« Editorial from the « Chief Editor and Managing Director »)-(Yves T Bouazo)(With  the collaboration of (« Edwards J Blake ») in (NYC)-(USA)(« Image »: »the controversy about the image of « Jesus-christ »)