(Analysis from the CHIEF EDITOR-Yves T Bouazo)(…)-(« Communication has always been central to Politics and mass communications are  a key  feature   of modern Politics:In the same trend, an eventual monopoly of the national media and international media allows through a propaganda machine to limit what the masses know, in other words a so called brainwash nowadays.In contrast to opinion polls, the mass media are the vehicules of downward communication from ruled to rulers:Furthermore, through a single television broadcast, or a series of newspapers articles, politicians can now communicate directly with the majority of their population and brainwash them:In the same way, propaganda machine remains today the most efficient weapon in international communication!That’s why the great (Malcom X)  has immortalized these words in his own creation:(« Media are the most powerful entity on earth, they have the power to make the innocent the guilty and make the guilty the innocent, and that is power because they control the masses!(« Reminder of facts »)(West Africa):(« In Ivory Coast » since (2010-2011) ,the former turmoil has pointed that sad reality of conspicuous propaganda and in (2018),(« Laurent Gbagbo »), (former ivorian head of state of Ivory Coast) after (7) years, is still behind the bars unjustly, another proud african who is the conspicuous hostage of that blood sucker and vampire international imperialist system!Definitely, we ought to sing along that negroid old song:(« we are free again, we are free at last because the most high can make a way where there it seems to be no way »-« faith into action »)(« From the Chief Editor »-« Yves T Bouazo »)(« Image »: the african continent)