(« International Happy MOTHER’S Day »):(« Tribute to MaMa Africa »)!!


(« International Happy Mother’s Day »):(« Tribute to MaMa Africa »)!(…)It’s our great Tribute to the Motherland(MaMa Africa) in a current background where many african sons and daughters seem to be lost and  are still taking(MaMa Africa) for granted in the heart of America and Caribbean.Definitely, if you do not know where  you’re from, you’re twice defeated in the race of Life, and you also do not know where you’re going and what kinds of positive actions to set in a world of Competition and permanent Frustration!In consequence, this is our official Tribute to (« MaMa Africa), cradle of Mankind, home of a brillant civilization through the lyrics of the late (« Peter Tosh »).(…)(« MaMa Africa »), how are you doing(MaMa), longtime me no see you (MaMa), they took me away from you(MaMa),long before i was born, they took me away from you(MaMa),long before i came on in, there’s so many things about you(MaMa Africa), wondering where you’re.They try their best to hide you(MaMa) but i search and i find you.In you, there’s so much beauty, in you there’s so much life, in you there’s so many « Kingdoms ».To me, it’s out of sight, you’re the maker of « Diamond », you’re the maker of « pearls » and the maker of all « precious pearls » and  the maker of all « precious goals ».I’ve been waiting, yearning, looking, searching to find you.I’ve been crying, praying, hoping that  i may find you(MaMa).You’re my « Mother » (Africa), you’re my « Father Africa », i’m proud of you(Mama), i love you (MaMa), i’m proud of you (MaMa), i love you heavenly.(« Definitely (« MaMa Africa ») is one of the Richest Continents worldwide but is looted  by « new African pupets », »pawns » of the « international imperialist system designed »!Shame on that blood  sucker and vampire system because the « African Redemption » and « Salvation » are not so far:(« Africa ») remains the greatest Future indeed!Time will really tell!(« The Intro and Conclusion » are from the « Staff »(Chief Editor-Yves T Bouazo)-(« Lyrics »)(MAMA AFRICA ») FROM THE LATE (« PETER TOSH »)(« Image »: »African Map »)