(« International Fundamental Human Rights »):(« Mabel Prior », A Relentless Human Rights Fighter in Switzerland!


-(« Notes from the Chief Editor »)-(« Yves T Bouazo »)(« Image »: »Mabel Prior » ,Human rights fighter on the left and her partner in Switzerland).

-(Mabel Prior) was a wellknown Broadscast Female Journalist in her native country (Ghana) in (West africa ) and Left (Accra), the capital city for (Switzerland) a few years ago, where she kept fighting on in human rights and business objectives terms!It’s a Relentless woman hour indeed, someone said, because she is committed and ready to speak the hard truth!That reminds us another peculiar and committed jamaican reggae music maker(Peter Tosh) who was shot on the (11th of September-1987) in (Kingston-Jamaica)!

-But before his death, he immortalized these words in his own creation about human rights:(« Everyone is crying out for Peace, none is crying out for Justice.I do not want Peace, i need equal rights and Justice.Everybody want to go to heaven but nobody want to die, (father of Jesus).What is due to Caesar, you better give it all to Caesar and what belong to (i and i)(us), you better give it all.

-No Comment, one more time, nothing but truth!