(« HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO « YEMI ALADE »)(« 30 YEARS OLD »)!(« MARCH-13th -1989-March 13″-2019 »)


(..)-( « Notes from the Chief Editor »)(« Yves T Bouazo »)(« Image »: »Yémi Aladé »)

-The nigerian rising ans shining Star (Yémi Aladé) turns (30) today(March-13″) and keeps on busting up the international charts !She indeed made herself conspicuous with the (Hit)(Jhonny) and is still doing good in the international entertainment field in (2019):Definitely, it’s the ostentatious evidence that the almighty God can put you where he wants and whenever, even if no one thinks you deserve the position!Furthermore, our (God) is a (God) of promises , a miracle walker indeed!Once again(HAPPY BIRTHDAY to « YEMI ALADE » AND WE WISH HER ALL THE BEST)!