-(« Happy birthday to our « Chief Editor » of (Medias Miroir)(Media Mirror)(Mr Yves T Bouazo)(May 19th)

-(« Life is what you make it, in other words, Life is a Business, someone said it in his own words(« you reap what you sow »):(« The Team and Staff ») of (Medias Miroir)(Media Mirror) in (Paris and in the world) wish you all the best , talking of our relentless (« Chief Editor and Manager Director ») who has kept the good faith since (2014), just to make news literally and figuratively in an objective and realistic journalistic spirit!(« First hand News ») indeed remain our capital since (2014), so keep on spreading out the (« first hand news ») in the four corners in the world, because we ought to cast way any kinds of stereotypes and vagary prejudices in the this first world, where a huge propaganda seems to work softly.Right now, closely with our (6) permanent correspondents in the four corners in the world, we keep on doing the good Job within professional committed Journalism.In consequence, no one can make us surrender because it’s a noble mission indeed!

-(« Happy Birthday to (« Mr Yves T Bouazo »)(Chief Editor and Managing Director) and Live a Long Life »)!