-(« In Collaboration with Face 2 to face Africa »).(« the intro is from « Medias Miroi »r-Paris »)(« photo »): »Ghana president AKUFU-Addo ».

-in the lyrics of the popular jamaican reggae band « Steel Pulse » they made it clear in their own creation:(« Rally round the flag, rally round the red, gold , black and green! Red for the blood, that flowed like a river, green for the land Africa, Yellow for the Gold that they stole! Definitely, it’s a sense of the african history indeed, a Gold treasure indeed!

-Let’s come back to the facts, because « Ghana » being labeled formerly as the west african gold coast during the settlement period by the british, is planning to sell its future gold royalties, here is why the deal is so unpopular!

-In August, « Ghana’s » parliament dominated by legislators loyal to president « Akufu-Addo » passed an agreement that would see the west african nation sell most of his gold royalties.under the agreement, Africa largest producer of gold is seeking to monetize up to (75%) future royalties from (16) mines in a company registered in « New jersey » in (Usa), a tax haven called (« Agyapa mineral royalties limited »).

-To do this, the governement in (2018) established the mineral income investment(Fund)(MIIF) to manage the equity interests of « Ghana » in mining companies, and received royalties on behalf of the government.The fund is expected to manage and invest these royalties and revenues from equities for higher returns for the benefit of the country.