(Freedom Street):(« Laurent Gbagbo ») goes back on « Trial » in the « Netherlands » (ICC)!


The holy scriptures of the bible made it clear already:(« The Last will be the first and the first the Last »), furthermore when the Most high says it’s your time, it’s your time, because he can make a way where there it seems to be no way definitely-Today it’s the trial recorded in the mass media as historical, because former Proud and conscious Leader from (Ivory Coast)(West Africa) (2000-2011) (Laurent Gbagbo) unjustly behind the bars since (2011), goes back on trial in the « Netherlands »-(ICC) ! In conseqence, we say it loud over and over again in our own creation:(« Free Laurent Gbagbo because  « Justice » must flow, in other words, let « Justice » be and run down as an african river, « Justice » for all definitely! »Free Laurent Gbagbo » because we have seen the light and Politics and judiciary tricks can not work anymore internationally. »Free Laurent Gbagbo » because we know now about « Judiciary imperialism » , what it is, how it works and why, if it goes on, it will eventually destroys us and down the line, we shall sing the old black song:(« Free at last, we are free at last »)!Never take for granted these prophetic words of the late « Joseph Hill »-(Lead singer of « Culture »):(« Nelson Mandela » left the Prison and took the seat of the President »)(« One Stone »)!(« Editorial » from the « Chief Editor and Managing Director »)(Yves T Bouazo)(« Image »: »Laurent Gbagbo »)