(« EDITOR’S  NOTE »)-(« FROM YVES T BOUAZO »)-(CHIEF EDITOR):(« The latest regional elections in (IVORY COAST) on the (13th of October) have pointed both sides of the ivorian darkest story in true  democracy terms!In consequence, the whole world have  come to the conclusion how things are degrading in one of the most  african stable nation from the sixties to the nineghties, namely on so much irregularities grounds!Since (2011), that west african nation(IVORY COAST)  labelled before as a hub of peace and stability seems to be transformed into a so called (« no man’s land »):The recent demonstrations in the streets of the economic capital city (ABIDJAN) are the conspicuous evidences of another turmoil and oligarchic tendencies because of the very uneven distribution of political resources:Furthermore, Olygarchy means fundamentally the rule of a few and that is the case in (IVORY COAST) SINCE(2011):That to say clearly, a tiny elite still dominates political life in (IVORY COAST), particularly brutally  by any  means possible and the mass of the population is inactive:Unfortunaly in (IVORY COAST) since (2011) , elections, if they are held,  are made by the men of wealth and influence!Down the line, there were recently quarrels , conflicts and around (5) deaths in the whole of the country , as far as the recent elections in (IVORY COAST) are concerned!In consequence, true democracy is currently at stake and the majority of the masses, namely ordinary people are not involved and neither are their interests reflected in those conflicts:As a matter of fact,  they are kept at bay by repression and oppression!Down the line, Oligarchy has been a  phase of political development in IVORY COAST since (2011), because the new elites have been more stuborn than were, as result when the pressure and resistance from the popular  masses  became stronger, oligarchs in IVORY COAST , namely in districts and towns such as:(ABOBO,MARCORY,COCODY,BASSAM,LAKOTA)and many more turned to violent repression rather than democratic reform ,when at the same time,  encouraging military brutal intervention:Today, in IVORY COAST, it’s clear that one can not help thinking of a ( « BANANA BLOODY DEMOCRACY ») sucking the blood of the ordinary people daily and gradually!When will it end? In return, the popular masses are ready not to give up because (2020)  will be unquestionnably the right time for true democracy for them: In other words, it will be  without doubt their right time:Nobody knows tomorrow, someone said it in his lyrics in the (70-80S)…(« EDITOR’S NOTE »-« FROM THE CHIEF EDITOR »-« YVES-T-BOUAZO »)(« IMAGE »: »ABIDJAN BY NIGHT »-« ECONOMIC CAPITAL CITY OF IVORY COAST)