(« Coronavirus in Africa »):(« African Leaders », »If You do Good, You do it for yourself »)!


(..)(« Notes from the Chief Editor »)-(« Yves T Bouazo »)

-(Africa), the place where the human life started,mother of the civilization,namely mankind was born in Africa, in other words,(Africa) is the cradle of mankind seems to be forsaken by its own lost sons:A true brillant full african daughter from former west african gold coast ,present (Ghana) made it clear in her own words:(« All your african powers that always travel abroad for medical check-ups and you can no more fly your private jets, in consequence you are obliged to use the messed health care you refuse to fix:(« Shame on you when judgement days will come by,Pupets leaders in an international remote control to loot the richest continent in the world but poor, due to your conspiracy, closely with some blood sucker and vampire western multinationals »):

-Down the line, you and the african popular poor masses will one day go to the same burial… this richest man and that poorest man, they are the same,( Think about it!