(« Cinema Spotlight »):(« INSIDE Black panther ON SCREEN NOW »)!(FREE Opinion)


(Free Opinion):(« Black panther » Film  is inspiring Black Brazilians to occupy Elite, White shopping malls).(« Free Opinion from TUKUFU ZUBERI, professor of History Detective-University of « Pennsyvania »):(« Why i go see the film « Black panther » for a second time here in Brazil.I have many criticisms  for this Film.However, it is capturing a certain moment at both a national and international level.The positive and powerful images of African Culture and people is being embraced by Black people throughout the World with pride.I felt this spirit in « Argentine » last week where where i saw the Film in « Buenos Aires », and it feels even stronger here in (Brazil).When i was a child growing up in (OakLand)(USA) , i was fortunate enough to have(« Black panther party ») provide me with my first political Education.So i sensitive to the fact that(« Hollywood ») is getting paid billions at the box office, and in some ways, we see africans murdering each other while promoting the interest of colonizing « CIA » agents.This ideology of the aesthetic may be the basis of some parts of the(« Black panther ») Film as a kind of media warfare against the Black community in the tradition of the Tarzan genre that continues to flood the media.However, sometimes the hidden intentions of the »powers that be » are overpowered by expressed ideas of the actors, director and co-writers of the film. The success of social movements and the idea can litterally flip the cript and become something new and different.Sometimes the generation influenced by(« Black panther ») power, Black Feminism Afrocentrism, civil rights and the African Independence movements can produce  unintended consequences.The unintended consequences of (« Black panther ») has made seeing the Film as much  a political act as a celebration of Black potential.(« Great points, it is really good to know that many Afro-Brazilians are embracing their African heritage.It’s a great moment for Black pride and dignity »).(« Free opinion From « TUKUFU ZUBERI »-(Afro american-professor of History detective-University of (« pennsylvania » »)(USA)