(« Business »):(« Allen Ensend Group » in (« Manchester »)(UK), « We Build For you in the New Milennium!


(…)-(« From the Chief Editor and Managing Director »)-(« Yves T Bouazo »)-(« Image »: »Allen Ensed Group’s achievements »)

-(…)-In addition to the general security solution systems,(industrial security) as a whole, (« Allen Ensend Group Limited ») in (Manchester)(UK) can deal with other diverse fields such as:( » innovative Cuisine cabinet in the new milennium), ( innovative bathroom in the new milennium), (innovative kitchen architecture in the new milennium), ,(Glass VIP Hall furnish) and many more with a british toutch indeed:In other words, we can build for you in the new milennium grounded on an innovative architecture spirit, (Eulalie Allen), relentless (CEO) of (« Allen Ensend group Limited ») argued positively, in consequence it’s the relentless Business woman hour and the time is now in the whole of (Africa):Down the line ,The Next african challenge in new markets terms, is (Ghana) in (West Africa) very soon in a couple of weeks!(« Allen Ensend Group Limited ») is ready to overcome business challenges today and tomorrow in a win win spirit, in the whole of (Africa): As far as our approach is concerned, the african continent needs more Jobs opportunities backed by a qualitative intensive training too in the new milennium, (Eulalie Allen ) (CEO) of (« Allen Ensed Group Limited ») in (Manchester)(UK) made it clear in her own creation definitely!