-« The conclusion is from our sTaff in Paris »-« Sources »:(«  »Successful freelancing »).

-Most freelancers wouldn’t dream of writing a (« BUSINESS PLAN »).They protest that their businesses are to small to warrant one or that they aren’t likely to obtain a bank loan in any event.Since obtaining a bank loan is, at least in most people’s minds, the primarily reason to labor over a (« BUSINESS PLAN »),why bother?But these aren’t the only or even the most important reasons to write one.

-The real reason is to figure out what business you are in, or should be in. In our fantasy lives, we all get to start the Business of our dreams, but in the real world, we sometimes have to setlle for a business that actually enables us to earn a living.Or we do get to open the business of our dreams, but first we must fine-tune it so that it will truly viable.A « Business plan » helps you indeed, forces you first to consider whether you really can be in the Business you want to be in.And if your Business idea is viable, than a Business plan helps you develop is as fully as possible, which in turn maximixes profits.

-Down the line , in Business terms, sometimes you can win and sometimes you can play lose too…