(« Breaking News »):(« Pastor Tito Wats » who pretended « selling tickets to heaven arrested » in (Zimbabwe)!


-(Notes from the Chief Editor)-(Yves T Bouazo)(« Image »: »Pastor Tito Wats »)

-Nowadays,many so called pastors are not trustworthy so open your eyes and look within, fervent christians:(« The holy scriptures of the bible states:(« Many gall away from the faith and it is happening:In consequence, we are in the last days before the return of the messiah(Jesus-christ):We ought to be living like (Jesus-christ) is coming today and make sure we are ready!

-(Reminder of facts):
Pastor Tito Wats, a pastor in (Zimbabwe) has been arrested together with his wife, after purportedly selling tickets to heaven.And these congregations are expotulating to his arrest, insisting the police to release since they are using their own money to buy salvation.Ohoh Africa!
-Down the line,people who are used to attending church in the whole of (Africa) need to leave the darkness just to see the light because the illeterate of the (21st) century won’t be those can’t read or write but those can’t learn, unlearn and relearn.Definitely,my people perish for lack of knowledge!