-(« The Title and Conclusion » are from our (Staff)(Media Mirror)-(« First hand Source from « Face 2 Face Africa »)-(…)-(ETHIOPIA) is the latest African country  set to launch Satellite into space, thanks to (CHINA)!In the same trend, (ETHIOPIA) has announced that its (First) « Satellite » into space in (September 2019).Furthermore, the « Satellite » which costs(8 Million US dollar), is set to gather data inputs related to water, agriculture, climate change, and environmental protection.Moreover, the main goals by launching this first satellite are (two):The first one is to « build technology application capacity » and « skills of ethiopian engineers » through collaborations with different countries, space scientist and institutions.So that they will be in position to design, build and launch the second satellite independently.The second one is the direct support the first satellite gives to to the social and economic development in terms of saving the money.The country is currently spending for buying data such as climate, said (Dr Solomon Belay Tessema), senior scientist and « Director general of Ethiopian space Science and technology institute » at (Addis-Ababa) university, (capital city of Ethiopia)(…)-(Move on « Ethiopia » in a scientist progress, someone said and Remember(China’s input) in this Process!That’s what good collaborations are for!