(« With the Collaboration of « Face2 to face Africa)(« Image »: »Ali Bongo », president of Gabon and his family)-(…)-(« The military take over in (Gabon ) early in the morning when and it has also happened just days after (AMERICA) sent troops in this african nation over concerns of violent chaos in the neighbouring democratic republic of (Congo), where Presidential elections results have been delayed!
-(Reminder of facts):

-Early in the morning, the military in (Libreville)( the capital city) of (Gabon) took over the country in a bid to restore democracy!According to News from (« radio france international »), the soldiers took over the country at (4Am)(local time) to announce the formation of the national restoration council and calling on a number of politicians members of the national assembly, union leaders of youth groups to converge for the establishment of the council which is set to restore the nation’s democracy:The coup comes at time when president (Ali Bongo) is recovering in (Morroco) following a stroke he suffered in  (October).In his new year’s message to the country, he acknowledged his poor health but stated that he was recovering in the video.He could be heard slurring some words and was unable to move his right arm.

-Down the line, according to the government spokesman in (Gabon), the coup plotters have been arrested and the country will be back in a few hours…

(Wait and see)!