(« BBC-TV-UK »):(« Black Woman (« June Sarpon ») Appointed (« BBC Director of Creative Diversity in London)!


-(« Notes From the Chief Editor »)-(Yves T Bouazo)-(« Image »: »June Sarpon » first black woman, new BBC Director of creative diversity) in (London).

-Black woman tv presenter and campaigner, (June Sarpon) has been, appointed the (BBC) first Director of creative diversity:In the same trend ,(Sarpon) is known to viewers for appearing on (Channel 4’s youth strandT4),lose women and tv sky news.Moreover, she has also written two books on diversity issues and been a prominent advocate for change in the british media and beyond.She made it clear in her own creation:(« I relish the challenge of working with senior leadership to make the (BBC) more inclusive and representative of the broad and diverse audience it serves.In other wirds, it’s British philosophy and mentality indeed, regarless of color and creed, as far as media is concerned!