(ARTS AND Culture):(« GHANA FESTIVAl TARGETS US Diaspora »!)


GHANA(WEst Africa)(former gold  coast and british colony) is  to host the first (« BACK TO AFRICA ») Festival from(27 FEBRUARY) to(5-march ). In the same trend, the « Festival » seeks to motivate citizens outside of the Continent to invest in their country and will take place under the theme:( » Two Cultures, one Foundation »).The (« BACK TO AFRICA ») « Festival » is one of the results of the African diaspora heritage trail(ADHT), a « UNESCO » associated initiative that brings professionals from various sectors to highlight the contributions of people of african descendant across the caribbbean and  America some of the territories to host(ADHT) conference include (« Bermude and the Bahamas »).Speaking of the forthcoming Festival,(Ghana) tourism authority(CEO)  » ,(« AKWASI AgyeMan ») said along with other programmes, a relaunch of the panafrican historical theatre Festival(panafest), which was first held in(1992),(Emancipation day and the right to return Festival ».(« The Back to Africa Festival ») was created to target ghanaians in the(US Diaspora),leading to an increase of visitors to the country.(« AFRICAN Americans to get citizenship »):The authorities have said African americans in attendance will get a chance to take ghanaian citizenship through  a process that easier than the conventional.The US, as we  are aware, is the N01 outbound destination for(Ghana).As we want to grow those numbers Significantly,(Agyeman) said.For the Festival,the tourism body will work with US based African cultural resource company (ADINKRA group), whose(CEO), « Diallo Sambry  » said there was a need to showcase African beauty through Arts and Culture influence by the Continent.This year, he said we are coming from Washington DC with a group called the(« BACKYARD BAND »), which has an African root and plays indigenous music of Washington DC (« GOGO music ») which is much related to ghanaians music and culture.(« Down the line, GHANA has presently one of the highest  economic growth in West Africa, as a result arts and culture  can eventually bring a worthy input as well!(in Collaboration with (« Edwards J Blake »)-(USA)(press)(« The Conclusion and extra additions are from the Staff »)