Bata, Equatorial Guinea - January 19, 2015: The waterfront is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike

-(…)-(With the Collaboration of (« Face 2 to Face Africa)(first hand source)-(« The Title, Subtitle, Extra additions and the Conclusion » are from our (Staff)-(Media Mirror) in (Paris)(« Image »: « A view of Malabo »,(Capital city of Equatorial Guinea)- (« Africa is a Continent composed of (54) Nations!This is the List of the « Richest Countries » as of (2009) by (GDP)-(PPP) (Per Capita), according to the latest Research by International Monetary Fund(IMF):Furthermore, (AFRICA) is Very Rich:(Raw Materials and huge Minerals unfortunately looted by African New Pupets(Leaders) closely with western Multinationals.In consequence, (Africa) is a natural resource rich Continent.In fact, the Continent holds around (30%) of the World’s known mineral reserves.Sadly, this does not reflect the State of Africa’s economy.Very few countries have been able to fully utilise these untapped resources.The main reason being political instability and lagging behind in terms of technology.Using gross domestic Product (GDP) per parity (PPP).

-(« EQUATORIAL GUINEA » as the Richest  Country in (Africa) as of (2019) with a (GDP) per capita of (34,865 US Dollars) while the (« Central african  Republic ») due to a turmoil is the Poorest with a (GDP) per capita of (6,81 US Dollars)(GDP) per capita is a measure of a country’s economic output divided by its total Population while purchasing Power Parity(PPP) is a  measure Price Level differences across countries based on currency Values.Below is the Full List of rich countries in (Africa) by (GDP)(PPP) per Capita(2019).

(…)-(1) (Equatrorial Guinea)-(34,865 US Dollars)-(2)(Seychelles)(28,712 US dollars)-(3)(Mauritus)(21,628 US dollars)-(4)(Gabon)(19,266-US Dollars)-(5)(Bostwana)(18,146)-(6)(Algeria)(15,140)-(7)(South Africa)(13,403)-(8)(Egypt)(12,944)-(9)(Tunisia)(11,984)-(10)(Namibia)(11,987)-(11)(Swaziland)(9,882)-(12)(Libya)(9,782)-(13)(Morroco)(8,612)-(14)-(Cap Verde)(6,942)-(15)(Angola)(6,8813)-(16)(Republic of Congo-Brazzaville)(6,707)-(17)(Nigeria)((5,927)-(18)(Ghana)(4,605)-(19)(Sudan)(4,580)-(20)(Mauritania)(9,474)-(21)(Zambia)(3,997)-(22)(Lesotho)(3,869)-(23)(Ivory Coast-Côte d’ivoire)(3,857)-(24)(Djibouti)(3,567)-(25)(Kenya)(3,496)-(26)(Cameroon)(3,559)-(27)(Tanzania)-(28)(Sao Tomé and principe)(3,208)-(29)(Sénégal)(2,678)-(30)(Chad)(2,433)-(31)(Uganda)(2,352)-(32)(Zimbabwé)-(33)(Bénin)(2,219)-(34)(Mali)(2,169)-(35)(Ethiopia)(2,113)-(36)-(Rwanda)(2,081)-(37)(Guinea-Conakry)(2,039)-(38)(Burkina Faso)(1,884)(39)-(Guinea Bissau)-(40)(Sierra Leone)(1,791)-(41)(Gambia)((1,686)-(42)(South Sudan)(1,503)-(43)(Togo)(1,662)-(44)(Comoros)(1,560)-(45)(Madasgacar)((1,554)

(…)-The List above of the « Richest African Nations » in (2019) with a (GDP) per Capita takes into account the Relevant fact of the National Population that remains fundamentally a great asset for African counties with a the Least Population such as:(Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, SAo Tome and principe, Togo, Djibouti and many more… »)