(African Agenda):(« Africa is a Continent Not a Country)!


Our main duty is to inform objectively those who are still in the sea of ignorancy nowadays concerning (Africa) : Furthermore,Some people across the world are thinking today that (Africa) is a country rather than a continent of (54 nations)!We feel that ignorance can be a cancer to some extent!As far as history is concerned,(Africa) was one before (« Berlin Congress ») in (1885). In consequence, the black continent was divided  into pieces like bread or cake, against  the will of true born Africans by colonial western nations : That’s  why some proud africans such as:(« marcus mosah Garvey « )could not help giving way to their commitment:(« Africa for the Africans, and our dignity at home and abroad »)! Down the line,(Africa) is the richest nation all over the world  through some huge minerals and raw matererials.But lack of government backed up by  a  relentless western imperialism are the  predominant reasons of the african plague today.Down the line, we remain still optimistic and are looking forward to the light of a brighter future!(Chief Editor-Yves T Bouazo)(« Image »:Africa’s map)